Customers and Market

The company revolves around mission, vision, values, multi-dimension market segmentation, customer identification, combined with its own characteristics to determine the target market.

The company adheres to the concept of "customer focus", establishes a complete marketing and service network around customers and markets, continuously listens to customers' voices, taps customers' real needs, turns them into technical requirements, and continuously improves products and services . By establishing long-term and stable cooperation and win-win customer relations, the company wins and maintains customer satisfaction and loyalty, and realizes the common development of customers, related parties and the company.

Customer and market understanding

The company conducts a seven-dimensional segmentation of the market, and deeply understands the characteristics of the market segmentation, and determines the target market and customer group based on the company's characteristics. At the same time, the company understands the needs, expectations, and preferences of target customers in various ways and uses them for product development, market development, and improvement.

The company conducts market segmentation from seven dimensions of product and service characteristics, product supply form, voltage level, iron core type, application field, region, and customer importance, and has an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of market segmentation.