Project innovation results table

Time Project Characteristics, innovative results
2014.1 ODFS-334000/500 auto-coupling single-phase non-excitation transformer The 500kV voltage level passed the first maximum capacity record of the sudden short circuit test, and passed the national appraisal
2016.10 ODFSZ-250000/500 Tianjin Independent research and development, one-time pass test
2016.11 ODFS-400000/500 Shanghai Sijing Station The world's first largest capacity passed the sudden short circuit test
2016.10 BKD-20000/330 reactor Qinghai project Successfully developed the first set of reactors in Wubian
2016.10 South China Net SSZ11-40000/110 The first domestic company to pass the high-to-middle and medium-to-low anti-sudden short circuit test at the same time
2016.8 SSZ11-H-180000/220 Huanggang Substation, Ya'an, Sichuan The company's first three-phase transformer composed of three single-phase transformers
2016.11 SSP11-180000/121 Liujiaxia Hydropower Station The company's first forced oil circulating water cooling product
2017.4 BKD-70000/550-110 UHV shunt reactor The company's first 500kV reactor product
2017.8 S-C-30000/220kV series transformer The company's first 220kV series transformer product
2018.3 YD-50000/110 single-phase test transformer The company's first first set
2018.8 Tightly coupled 10kV current-limiting reactor Industry breakthrough
2018.12 S-C-30000/220 series transformer for static synchronous series compensator (SSSC) Successfully developed the world's first set, and presided over the standard formulation of the product, becoming the main drafter of national and industry standards in the field of string change
2019.9 ODFPS-1000000/1000kV UHV AC transformer The company's first 1000kV UHV AC transformer passed the national appraisal, and its main parameters are internationally advanced and domestically advanced
2019.9 BKD-70000/550-110 shunt reactor The company's first 500kV shunt reactor has passed the national appraisal, and its main parameters are internationally advanced and domestically advanced
2019.9 BKS-60000/35-35 shunt reactor Main parameters create international leadership

Product Innovation Achievement Table

Sort Product name Project number Recognition time Category
1 Underground transformer H2006321 2006 Provincial Torch Program Project
2 Three-phase H-class unencapsulated dry-type transformer 060584G0142N 2006 Provincial high-tech products
3 20(10)kV dual voltage single-phase wound core distribution transformer 100584G0420N 2010 Provincial high-tech products
4 20(10)kV high voltage dual voltage three-phase epoxy cast dry-type transformer 100584G0421N 2010 Provincial high-tech products
5 10kV pole-mounted small three-phase wound core distribution transformer 100584G0422N 2010 Provincial high-tech products
6 220kV three-phase oil-immersed power transformer 120584G591N 2012 Provincial high-tech products
7 80,000kVA and above 110kV three-phase oil-immersed power transformer 120584G592N 2012 Provincial high-tech products
8 S(B)H15 oil-immersed amorphous alloy transformer 120584G1137N 2012 Provincial high-tech products
9 10kV intelligent high and low voltage pre-installed Substation 160584G1642N 2016 Provincial high-tech products
10 On-load capacity regulating distribution transformer 1705840726N 2017 Provincial high-tech products
11 Application development and engineering of domestic amorphous strip in power system 2018-J-215-2-03-D05 2018 Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award

By 2020: ■Have 121 valid patents and 28 valid invention patents; ■Participated in the formulation of 13 national industry standards, 11 of which have been promulgated, 11 of which have participated in power standards, of which 6 have been promulgated, and 6 international standard products have been adopted.