Carrying out the "No. 1 cause" to the end


Article reprinted from Wujiang District Financial Media Center, Author: Wang Wei

Yesterday, employees of Wujiang Transformer Co., Ltd. located in East Taihu Lake Resort (Taihu New City), constantly swiping screens in the WeChat circle of friends. News about resuming work.

Shen Xiangdong, Chairman of Wujiang Transformer Co., Ltd., said, "Secretary Lan's investigation and inspection are affirmation of our years of innovation, bold development, and industry-leading independent core technology. It is a great encouragement for us and more firm. With our confidence in research and development, we will strive to win both epidemic prevention and control and achieve our corporate development goals."

Let Wu Bian's faith integrate into employees' blood

Shen Xiangdong recalled this detail again, "We introduced the corporate motto to Secretary Lan,'Strong to invulnerable, brave to fearless, hard to do nothing, and struggling to touch the world', as long as you live, you will be the first Wu Bian's career is carried out in the end, and he strives for a lifetime to become a leader in the power transmission and transformation industry! He hopes that we can carry forward the enterprise spirit, while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, continuously improve the core competitiveness, strive for the first, create the unique, and strive to be Achieve competition, lead and lead in the industry."

Shen Xiangdong said that every morning at 7:15, the company recites aloud at the morning meeting every day, "As long as you live, you must carry out the first Wu Bian career to the end, and strive to become a leader in the power transmission industry for life." In addition to the "Wu Bian Faith" that all employees of the company need to recite loudly every day, there are 37 words of self-motivation, 99 words of action oath, and 20 words of Wu Bian style. This is the spirit of Wu Bianren, and the spirit of Wu Bianren "integrating into the blood, immersing in the bone marrow, showing in action, and showing in the result". "Being a person requires a little bit of energy, as is being a business."

In addition, there are two sentences, which are printed in the mind of each employee of Wubian, and are reflected in the actual work, that is, "make impossible impossible, realize all possible".

Wujiang Transformer Co., Ltd. has carried out more than 10 years of reform and exploration, step by step, continuously climbing towards the peak, bursting out unprecedented vitality. Wu Bian is a private enterprise that was restructured and established in 2004. Relying on excellent scientific and technological research and development capabilities, after overcoming waves of difficulties, he has captured the market through technological product innovation. He has now ranked among the first in the global industry and is gradually attacking in this industry. Enter the "no man's land".

Three "enhancement levels" lead the industry

Why is there such confidence? "On the one hand, the Party committees and governments at all levels have further improved and improved the business environment and stimulated the vitality of the enterprise. On the other hand, Wu Bian has responded to market demands and promoted the development of the transformer industry again and again, relying on the improvement of the level of talents and the power of products. Level upgrade and innovative energy level upgrade." Shen Xiangdong summed up to reporters that the three "energy level upgrades" are the most active driving force for Wubian's development.

Prof. Zhu Yinghao, a senior domestic transformer expert and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Wei Chunhua, former chief engineer of Shenyang Transformer Factory, Yu Yunchang, a top expert in domestic reactors, An Zhen, an UHV expert, the first chief engineer of complete sets of electrical appliances, and experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council Ma Binglie...Shen Xiangdong told reporters that the company's true take-off started from the transformation and upgrading in 2009. The company has successively introduced more than ten experts, senior engineers and a group of transformer industry experts and "double first-class" experts who enjoy State Council subsidies from all over the country. College graduates and high-end talents have formed in Wubian.

The joining of a group of top domestic experts is like adding wings to the company. With the efforts of the expert team, the company developed and produced energy-saving and environmentally friendly amorphous alloy transformers, which was the first in China to pass all national tests including short circuit tests; "Application Development and Engineering of Domestic Amorphous Strips in Power Systems" 》The project won the second prize of the 2018 National Science and Technology Progress Award; the SS11-240000/220 transformer and ODFS-334000/500 self-coupling single-phase non-excited transformer developed and produced by the company were passed by the National Transformer Testing Center including sudden short circuit. All the type tests including the test have created the first maximum capacity record of 220kV and 500kV voltage grades that passed the sudden short circuit test in China.

"We used to make 10 kV products, but now we do 1000 kV, and we do the highest voltage products in the world." Shen Xiangdong introduced that independent innovation requires continuous innovation to target the existing and potential needs of the market. 1. To develop new products, we must make the products organically connected with market demands. Only in this way can we remain invincible and lead the development of the industry.

Improve the international competitiveness of domestic transmission and transformation products

On September 21, 2019, Wu Transformer's 1000 kV/1 million kVA transformer passed the national product appraisal. The appraisal expert's eva1uation of the company's products is that it is at the international leading level. At that time, the company participated in a total of five products, all of which are internationally advanced, three of which are internationally leading. Wu Bian already has the industry's leading independent core technology. This year, the domestic leading 1100kV/240MVar reactor and converter transformer will be successfully developed and put into production.

Shen Xiangdong said that Wu Bian turned out to be a leader in the small and medium-sized transformer industry and has entered the UHV industry in recent years. "It is precisely through the improvement of talent level that has driven the improvement of the company's products and innovation capabilities, allowing the company to quickly reach the international and domestic leadership.

The 220 kV/240000kVA transformer produced by Wu Bian was the first transformer with the largest capacity to pass the sudden short-circuit test in China at the time. The subsequent 500 kV/334000kVA was also the same. The sudden short-circuit test is the most rigorous test for eva1uating the quality of transformers. Wu Bian has already firmly ranked first in the country in this category of products. The 500 kV/400,000kVA transformer produced by the company once again passed the sudden short circuit test and became the transformer with the largest capacity in the world. Starting with a brand made in China, Wu Bian made the situation of foreign technology monopoly gone forever.

In the "Internet+" era, Wu Bian, as a solution provider, system integrator and engineering contractor, has also taken the lead in comprehensive services. "Enterprise innovation, we must stand at the forefront of technological development and lay out the future. We must dare to go to unmanned areas. There is a lot of unmanned areas in the power transmission and transformation intelligent technology space. We will go to the next step. Advantage, continue to conduct in-depth research and development in the areas of intelligence and informatization, and continuously improve the international competitiveness of domestic transmission and transformation products." Shen Xiangdong said sonorously.