Wu Bian is in full swing


     During the week of April 13-17, a total of four workshops in the Wubian arena held PK competitions, including two specifications of high-voltage winding in the dry transformer workshop, JP-100 secondary assembly in the box transformer workshop, 50,000/110 final assembly in the third workshop, and two amorphous low-voltage foil windings in the distribution transformer workshop.


In the course of the competition, each workshop recorded in detail the content of the competition, and then used the replay and data application to add additional workload in the middle of the dry and distribution changes.

From the point of view of competition efficiency, the high-voltage winding of the dry transformer and the secondary winding of the box transformer workshop have achieved good results, and the efficiency has been improved) 24.8% and 25.4%.

   In order to allow the reference workshop to perform PK better in the future, draw on the previous experience and lessons from various aspects and apply them, the dry-transformation workshop, box-transformation workshop and third workshop exchange and share the game replay, they closely focus on PK master planning Requirements, and carried out this work carefully and meticulously, individual workshops have also made innovations on this basis, further enriching the content of the rewinding, and setting an example for the PK post-winding of other workshops and departments in the future, and achieving good results.