Key customer groups and their key needs and expectations

According to the characteristics of the transformer industry, the characteristics of products (services) and the results of market research, the customer and the market are segmented according to the different importance of the customer to the company's development, the target customer group is determined, and the dimensions of price, quality, service time, etc. are determined. , Analyze customers' value orientation on products and services, understand customer expectations and their differences

Key suppliers and distributors (subcontractors) and requirements

The company strengthens supply chain management, from pure procurement management to resource management, and regards suppliers as the company's important resource composition and extension of departments. Establish mutually supportive, fair, interactive, and win-win partnerships with key suppliers, and jointly build an excellent supply chain. At present, the company has more than 80 qualified suppliers, including ABB switches, MR switches, Baosteel Group and other world-renowned companies. We have established strategic partnerships with more than 10 suppliers, providing 70% of the raw materials and components required by the company. .

Partnership and communication mechanism with key customers and suppliers

The company's senior leaders have achieved communication with relevant parties through major customer visits, business exchanges and other activities, business communication mechanisms with relevant departments, cooperation framework agreements with suppliers, and customer satisfaction surveys. At the same time, according to business development needs and communication effects, the communication mechanism is adjusted in time to ensure good cooperation with customers and related parties and achieve common development. Established a joint laboratory with Shanghai Baosteel, project cooperation with Shanghai Electric Power Company, cooperation with Xi'an Jiaotong University national research projects