Leading the industry for many years

With the power of culture, the company "shapes personality, gathers people's hearts, and stimulates motivation", through the construction of the "six ones" cultural front, publicizes and implements corporate culture, strives to create a good internal business environment, internally grasps product quality, externally establishes brand image, and strengthens The construction of risk control and reserve talent team system, through the construction of performance evaluation system, continuously improves organizational performance.

The top three enterprises in the comprehensive strength of the national transformer industry

One of the manufacturers with the most varieties of transformers in China

Main supplier of national transformer

Since 2017, State Grid has won the bid (range of bidding for transformer equipment: 35kV~750kV) ranking among the top three in the industry

Publicity of waste data

In 2022, the company's production and waste data are as follows: 4.46 tons of resin; Iron drum 1.78 tons; 31.06 tons of waste oil; 1.8 tons of activated carbon.

Corporate style

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