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Here, we will provide you with a free development platform, with better salary, benefits and training growth than the industry level. Improve work systems, improve organizational execution, optimize human resource allocation, meet strategic needs, establish communication channels, promote skill sharing, improve salary and welfare systems, and establish incentive mechanisms. The salary incentive system for different grades allows you to achieve true self-worth. Five insurances and one gold are available; meal supplements, transportation, and high-temperature subsidies are paid monthly, and additional benefits are provided to protect and protect the rights and interests of employees.

  • Social insurance

  • Communication costs

  • Labor Insurance Supplies

  • Holiday benefits

  • Accommodation subsidies

  • High temperature allowance

  • Nutrition allowance

  • Health checkup

  • Travel outside

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The company has formulated "equipment management system", "equipment maintenance and repair system", "tooling management system", "special equipment inspection system", "energy management system" and other systems to achieve strategic goals for the company, complete high intensity and high efficiency The production provides infrastructure conditions. According to the future development direction and measures, the company improves, transforms and adds high-tech, intelligent equipment and facilities. At the same time, the company has fully considered the environmental, occupational health and safety, resource utilization and other issues that the infrastructure disposal will bring.
Provide infrastructure based on strategic implementation plan and process management requirements:
Constructed a garden-style factory and a professional production plant; equipped with advanced facilities and equipment
Established CNAS national accredited laboratory
The company has 1000 kV and below transformer, reactor product testing center; switch complete product testing center. The above product testing centers have been approved by the national CNAs laboratory.