What is 5s management

The full name of 5S management is "5S on-site management method". This management method is mainly for enterprises and is a management model of enterprises. 5S is the abbreviation of English words beginning with 5 S. The English words beginning with 5 S are SEIRI, SEITON, SEISO, SEIKETSU and SHITSUKE, and their corresponding Chinese meanings are finishing, rectification, cleaning, cleaning and literacy. It means organizing, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning and literacy management from the perspective of the enterprise

5S management can enable managers to manage the enterprise in a more orderly manner. For example, this month focuses on organizing projects, next month focuses on rectifying internal affairs, and then sorts out personnel next month. Managers can make company management plans and related plans based on these 5 Ss.

5s management advantage

5S advantages-enhance corporate image: neat and clean working environment, able to attract customers and enhance self-confidence;

5S advantages-improve equipment life: timely cleaning, spot inspection, maintenance and maintenance of equipment can extend the life of equipment.

5S advantages-reduce costs: doing 6 S well can reduce running drip and back and forth transportation, thereby reducing costs;

Advantages of 5S-accurate delivery time: the standardized production system makes the production process clear, the abnormal phenomena in production are obvious, and problems can be adjusted in time to achieve accurate delivery.

5S advantages-improve efficiency: having a good working environment can be a personal mood; things are placed in an orderly manner, which can improve work efficiency and reduce handling operations.