Supply relationship

Starting from strategic development, the company always adheres to a pragmatic integrity, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation attitude and the principles of fairness, fairness and reasonableness. It has always focused on maintaining and maintaining good cooperation between relevant parties and establishing close cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and common growth. Strategic partnership.

Establish strategic cooperation with suppliers

The company establishes a supplier relationship that is compatible with the strategic planning and development direction, and focuses on establishing a good strategic partnership with the supplier, promoting and promoting two-way communication, and jointly improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the process to achieve a win-win goal.

  • 1.Select qualified suppliers

    The company determines the supplier by public bidding, and the Production and Supply Department (Materials Department) is based on the 《Materials (Tendering and Bidding Center) Management System》...

  • 2.Supplier evaluation and management

    The company recognizes the claims of both parties when cooperating with the supplier, and conducts supplier evaluation, supervision and review during the cooperation process, strengthens communication and sharing, promotes and promotes two-way communication, and jointly improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the process to achieve a win-win goal.

  • 3.Strengthen communication and sharing to improve the efficiency of collaboration

    The company through factory inspections, analysis meetings, seminars, etc., from corporate culture, development strategy, service (product) information to cooperation feedback and other aspects...