PK competition for shell installation skills held in the dry transformer workshop


On March 21st, the dry change workshop held a shell installation skills PK competition, this competition is based on the first PK on the 14th, the second competition held for two consecutive weeks.

In this competition, Mr. Shen personally led the production, technology, quality inspection and other departments to the scene, and gave guidance on the process flow and specific component design of the dry transformer casing installation.

Mr. Shen pointed out that this competition was conducted on the basis of doubling the workload last week, which is equivalent to the speed of long-distance running is faster than that of sprinting, which is commendable. As long as we use our brains, we can improve the breakthrough and surpass the benchmark. This competition has also set an example for other departments to carry out PK competitions. Next, we must further improve the management level, improve the level of technology and technology, promote innovation, enable employees to grow faster, create more value, and strive for the full realization of the leader in the transmission and transformation industry.

In this dry-transformation shell installation competition, there are 2 people in each group, and 10 shells are installed, which has doubled the workload compared with last week. The competition is more fully planned, the requirements are more clear and more challenging, the relevant departments go to the field to be cheerleaders, to inspire them, quality inspection, technology and production management are tracked throughout the process. This is an opportunity for us to learn and improve. It is also a good opportunity for technological improvement, quality improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency improvement. It is also a rare opportunity for management progress, innovation, and talent growth. Next, we will go through the review, further planning, and further improvement, put forward clear requirements for quality, and train the process.

The result of this skill PK competition starts from 7:00 in the morning, the first group ends at 1:30 in the morning, takes 16.5 hours, the second group ends at 2:20, it takes 17.33 hours, and the average time is 16.92 hours. The overall efficiency is 30% higher than usual and 18% higher than the previous PK. We have to summarize, improve the process flow, avoid some unnecessary processes, so that the efficiency can be further improved, to achieve our goal of increasing production and efficiency. The workshop and production department will choose to commend and reward the winning team in this competition.