Our Djibouti transformers shipped smoothly


     On March 15, 2020, a 40MVA, 63/20kV power transformer supplied by our company to the Shanghai Electric Djibouti Marabout station project was successfully sent to Shanghai Port, and the delivery was completed. This is the transformer supply project that was exported to Djibouti again after Wubian exported two 40MVA, 63/20kV power transformers from Djibouti in 2017.

     In June this year, there will be one 63MVA, 230/66kV power transformer, one 40MVA, 63/20kV power transformer, two 20/0.4kV, 400kVA dry-type transformers, three 230kV 12kV Ar reactors and two 36kV neutral points The export of grounded reactors to Djibouti will add a new dimension to Wubian's export performance and once again lay a solid foundation for Wubian's international trade.

     Djibouti is an important partner on China's "Belt and Road" strategic line. It is Wu Guangren's glorious mission to help the construction of the "Belt and Road". The goal of all Wu Bian people working together and pursuing. At the same time, Wubian continuously broadens its product lines and actively expands overseas markets, laying a solid foundation for the company to achieve its goal of being a leader in the transmission and transformation industry.