Wubian company held the first half of 2020 sales meeting


On July 26, the company's sales center held a sales meeting for the first half of 2020 with the theme of "new opportunities, new breakthroughs, and new peaks".

The sales managers in charge of each area of the company respectively reported the sales work in the first half of the year. Although under the influence of the epidemic, after the hard work of all sales, the relevant indicators for the first half of the year were well completed. It embodies the fighting spirit of Wu Bian to fight the epidemic with one heart and one mind, unite to protect development, and strive for the first and only one. At any time, only being strong is the only way to solve the problem, and changing oneself is the only way to become strong. The epidemic has changed our way of thinking. We encourage everyone to do things that we haven’t done before, don’t want to do, and dare not do. Through growth, change, and breakthrough of our own way of thinking, we can learn and apply in practical work, and finally achieve it. thing.

Mr. Shen put forward goals for all sales staff at this year's sales meeting and asked all sales staff to achieve the ambitious ambition of "We are in front of difficulties, and we have no difficulties in front of us". The so-called threshold, the ability is enough is the door, and the ability is not enough is the threshold. We must improve quickly, become hard-working people, excellent people, and in the learning process, we must also innovate and create, realize more of our own value, achieve transcendence, and achieve leadership.

Mr. Shen emphasized that we must take product quality and delivery time as the lifeblood, and set the "three highs" in our work: high remuneration, high standards, and high efficiency; grasp the "three fasts": fast execution, fast feedback, and knife Quickly, do the "three good": good attitude, good ability, and good quality. Win customers with the best products, best services, and best marketing to achieve rapid progress.

Mr. Shen finally asked to review the relevant sales work in the first half of 2020. All the staff should be more down-to-earth. In the second half of the year, they should practice the excellent Wubian corporate culture and create the future with lean management, technology leadership, and innovation. , Become a leader in the power transmission and transformation industry!